Class One and their ‘Dinosaur Planet’

Dull stones turned into Dinosaur eggs!

On Tuesday the 14th of April Miss Cox told us about a fighting noise that she heard in the shed. It was really odd. I thought it was a dinosaur…
So I was a dinosaur detective! On our adventure I found a stone, after that I took it inside. I wrote a sheet about what it might be.
Last of all we cracked our eggs and it was a plastic dinosaur inside. Mine was a psittacosaurus. It lived 100 and 90 million years ago.

Written by Jessica 

The Loud Noise at Altarnun School!

On Tuesday 14th April Miss Cox was in the shed when she heard something loud. It sounded like a dinosaur! So I investigated everywhere looking for clues. Then I found an egg hidden in the willow. It was brown, spotty and grey. Then I broke it open and found out it was a coelophysis and they eat meat.

Written by Liam

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