Immersive Vision Theatre – Class 1 & 3 Theatre Trip

As part of Class One’s topic Moon Zoom! We went to the Immersive Vision Theatre in Plymouth and were taken on a journey through the solar system. Class Three also went along for an out of this world experience. We have created a slideshow using photos and videos taken. They are a little dark in places but we hope you like!

View our slideshow here.

What is the Immersive Vision Theatre?

  • The theatre is powered by two projectors. One, the Christi, uses an OmniFocus lens which covers
    the immersive screen. The second projector, the Zorro, is an exclusive piece of technology and so far only one exists in the public domain. Together these projectors perform or mimic artificial vision.
  • The audience seating is tilted at an angle for a truly cinematic and immersive experience. This layout has been found to particularly enhance the sense of motion.
  • Each seat is equipped with a USB port to enable the spectator experience to be measured and evaluated.
  • Uniview allows viewers to fly through the universe in real time – meaning the exact position of satellites, planets and other space bodies at this point.