Parent’s Forum at Altarnun Primary School

Our school is committed to improving communication with parents, and our Parent’s Forum meets once a term to discuss school-related issues.

Regular, open communication and consultation with parents is really important to our school. The Parent’s Forum provides a valuable way to listen to your ideas and concerns and seek your views, helping to make sure the needs of children and their families are met.

Meetings are informal and are led by school staff, and enable a genuine opportunity for open discussion over a range of issues, such as:

  • Homework
  • Cost of school trips and events
  • Parents’ evenings
  • Parking

We aim to have three parents representing each class to give a range of views across classes and year groups.

  • Where more than three parents for a class register an interest, an election will be held by parents of all children in that class.
  • Any parent can volunteer to be on The Parent’s Forum, so please ask if you would like to be involved. Where there are gaps in year groups, parents will be approached at random and invited to join.
  • There are six meetings a year and dates are set at the start of the school year to give plenty of notice.

If you would like to know more, please visit our Parent’s Forum page or contact us through the school office on 01566 86274 or

Click here to download a Parent’s Forum application form >