Emergency Closure Information for Parents 2018-2019


Emergency Closure Information for Parents 2018 – 2019

Winter is fast approaching and therefore we felt it may be useful for parents to have information about our emergency closure procedures.

The school may be closed for children at short notice due to a number of circumstances, for example:-

  • Problems due to inclement weather
  • Problems with heating or electricity
  • Problems due to water leaks



We will try to make the decision to close the school as early as possible, around 7:30 am.   Sometimes though, the authorisation email sent through to County, which then gets passed to the radio stations can be delayed, particularly if they are overwhelmed with a lot of schools closing.  Please listen to local radio stations e.g. BBC Radio Cornwall, Pirate FM and Heart FM. A message will be posted on our website. Alternatively, you can log onto www.cornwall.gov.uk which will list school closures.

It is important that as few people as possible are phoning the school between 7.30am and 8.30am so that staff are able to provide vital information.  Please wait to be contacted by a school representative.  We will text and e-mail all parents at the same time.

The above procedures will continue for each day the school remains closed.



If we have to close early (when children are already at school), we will post a message on our website; we may also need to telephone you directly. Please check the website before you attempt to ring the school as it is very easy for our phone lines to become jammed, it is vital for us to be able to make telephone calls out from school at this time. Please be assured, all children will remain appropriately supervised until they have been collected safely from school.

The school will only close if the situation is severe.  Parents who are concerned about local conditions are welcome to collect their children early.





If we do have to close we will do so by the following routes:-

  • We will text, e-mail and post on our Facebook page.
  • Information will also be posted on the school website.
  • If we cannot contact you, the children will remain in school with staff until they are collected.

Some of our staff travel significant distances in to school so we have to be able to get enough staff into school safely to be able to open. It could be possible, in the event of certain weather conditions that we make the decision to partially open the school and/or to open later in the morning possibly joining classes together, enabling staff and children to get safely into school. If a decision was made for late opening, we may require all children to bring in a packed lunch, as we may not be in a position to provide school meals.

Please ensure you listen to the radio and look at the website, as this information would all be included on the relevant updates.

School closures are a rare occurrence and we will continue to do everything possible to remain open as long as it is safe to do so. However, my number one priority is to always ensure I keep my children (and staff) warm and safe. This is never a decision we take lightly and we will all do our utmost to keep the school open.


There are occasions where sufficient staff are able to get to school to enable us to open, but parents are unsure about getting their child/children to school due to local road conditions.  On these occasions, parents must make their own decision as to whether it is safe to bring their child/children to school.  Resulting absences will be recorded as ‘authorised’.