School Visits

Children learn best through first-hand experience and educational visits provide them with this opportunity.

Class trips are linked to the class work and our older pupils take part in residential visits.

We may ask for voluntary contributions towards the cost of these visits however no child will be disadvantaged if a contribution is not made.

Altarnun Primary School at Rosehip Barn

During a visit to Rosehip Barn at Trefranck Farm in St.Clether, children learnt about the history of the farm through the digital story ‘The Cats of Trefranck’ and explored the farm through movement, art and storytelling.

The children then worked with choreographer and dancer Gemma Kempthorne, whose family runs the farm, to choreograph a dance based on the movement they saw around the farm, as well as the stories they had heard about it’s past. This film features the choreographed group dance, as well as the children’s moving interpretation of the grain dryer that was once in the barn. The end section shows Year 3 and 4 weaving stories onto sheep hurdles.